eeWare SAS
2000, route des Lucioles
Les Algorithmes - Immeuble Aristote B
06410 Sophia Antipolis - France


Founded in 2007 by two former Directors of QuesCom, eeWare is a company based in the high technology area of Sophia Antipolis, in the South of France.

L'Equipe Dirigeante

Thierry PerrandCo-founder and President
Thierry Perrand graduated from the Ecole Centrale in Paris. He started his career as a developer, and shortly as Project Leader and R&D Manager at Synaptel, then affected in the United States as Product Manager with Interphase in Dallas. He then joined Cortical, a service contractor as Telecommunication and VoIP Consultant. Then he founded QuesCom, where he was Vice-President Operations in charge of Hardware R&D, Manaufacturing and Logistics.


Christophe LescaneCo-founder and General Manager
Christophe Lescane graduated from Nice-Sophia Antipolis University, participated at several creation of US inovating branch in Europe, in the high technology area:
Sequent (Unix parallel systems), Wellfleet (Network), Shiva (leader in remote access for Enterprise and Internet), Intel, Xevo (ASP), QuesCom (Mobility services).
Having been hardware and software developper, presales and support manager, R&D manager in France and in the US. He was in charge of the hardware architecture of VoIP and GSM solutions for QuesCom.

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